How to access your Artifactory Cloud / Online instance and reset the password?

Your Artifactory Cloud instance is available at: https://{server-name} or https://{server-name}

The latter is planned to become deprecated in the future.


By default, the ‘admin’ user is created with the same email address as your administrative account is created.

If your Artifactory Online instance does not have an administrator user defined, next time you log into your Artifactory Dashboard, you will be requested to create a new user with administrator privileges in your Artifactory Online instance.


How to do a password reset for your instance:

1. Go to your Artifactory Cloud at https://{server-name} then clicking on ‘Forgot Password’:



2. This will lead to a reset password screen prompting for a username, inserting ‘admin’ and clicking on ‘submit’ will send a mail with a new password to your address associated with the ‘admin’ user: