How does RHEL 6.x End-of-Life affect JFrog Products?

Eran Blumenthal
2021-10-24 15:49

JFrog Platform products will no longer be compatible with RHEL 6.x versions.

Red Hat 6 has completed the "Maintenance Support or Maintenance Support 2" phase and has entered the "Extended Life" phase for 6.x versions (see here).
This means that "Red Hat will provide limited ongoing technical support. No bug fixes, security fixes, hardware enablement or root-cause analysis will be available" (see here).

What does it mean?
Users running JFrog products on RHEL 6.x will not be able to upgrade to a version that does not support RHEL 6.x as documented in the System Requirements .
We recommend upgrading to a higher supported RHEL OS version. 

Which JFrog Product versions does this apply to?

  • Artifactory > 7.15.0
  • Xray > 3.18.0
  • Mission Control > 4.7.0
  • Distribution > 2.7.0

Note that this change does not apply to JFrog Pipelines as it never supported older versions of RHEL.