How do I stipulatie package integration when creating a repository using REST API?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:35

The ‘Create or Replace Repository Configuration’ REST query accepts a JSON file with the repository’s configuration parameters, not all of which are listed in the json example.

In order to enable the Yum Add-on., you should add the following parameters to the JSON file:


"calculateYumMetadata": true,

"yumRootDepth": "2",


To enable other integrations, add one of the following lines, as appropriate for the type of repository that you are attempting to create.  To be very clear, we highly recommend that you NOT create repositories that support multiple artifact types, so you should only have ONE of the following lines in your JSON file:


"enableNuGetSupport": true,

"enableGemsSupport": true,

"enableNpmSupport": true,

“enablePypiSupport”: true,

“enableDockerSupport”: true,

"enableDebianSupport": true,

"debianTrivialLayout": true,


Please see the example json file attached