How Do I Solve “Request Entity Too Large” response?

Daniel Augustine
2021-08-19 16:22


When trying to upload a file, you receive the following error: "413 Request Entity Too Large"


If receiving this error, this indicates that either nginx or httpd (or another reverse proxy) is being used which is limiting the size of the body request, and therefore returning this error code. This is different than having an issue uploading through the UI, and this article should not be followed for issues with only UI upload problems. In this case, there are settings on the reverse proxy that work around this issue (this could be set at a global level as well, so check all config files associated with your reverse proxy).


In your nginx configuration file, you can add the following line to your artifactory configuration (or universal config):

client_max_body_size 0;

You may alternatively set a limit here, just ensure it is above the size of your largest file(s). 

By default there is no limit for HTTPD, but if you believe you are running into this issue, you can set the following directive in the artifactory configuration (or universal config):

LimitRequestBody 0