How do I install Artifactory on WeblogicServer 12c?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:35

<Install and Configure WebLogic>

1. Download Oracle WebLogic Server (12c):

2. Extract the downloaded file to a directory (e.g.: /home/myhome/mywls)
   This will create a base directory named wls12130 under /home/myhome/mywls
   MW_HOME will be the entire directory including the base directory. (eg: MW_HOME will be /home/myhome/mywls/wls12130)

3. Follow the instructions on the README.txt in the head directory of weblogic according to your OS (important to perform all the 8 steps). This includes running the installation configuration script in the MW_HOME directory and creating a new WLS domain.

<Modify config.xml file>

( > "Running Artifactory on Weblogic" )

When deploying Artifactory on Weblogic, you must add the following line to the domain config.xml file:

Modifying config.xml

</security-configuration> ...



 In addition, from Artifactory 3.2.0, you need to define the following two system properties:


For more details please refer to the Oracle documentation for  Using the Glassfish RI JAXB Data Binding and JAXB Providers.

<Resolve Conflicts>

( > "Running Artifactory on Weblogic" > Conflicts)

In some installations of Weblogic, you may need to remove the xmlpull- and xpp3_min-1.1.4c.jar files from the artifactory.war to avoid conflicts. In addition, from Weblogic 12.1.2, you need to delete the guava-15.0.jar file from the artifactory.war and replace it with guava-15.0-cdi1.0.jar which you can download from the JFrog Public Repository. This fix is due to a namespace issue with the Guava 15 library. For more details please refer to Guava Libraries Issue 1527. Please use the following steps to make appropriate changes.

1. Extract artifactory.war file to a temporary location on your file system

2. Browse to /WEB-INF/lib/ then remove xmlpull-, and guava-15.0.jar files then add guava-15.0-cdi1.0.jar, which can be downloaded from here.

3. Repackage the artifactory.war file

<Deploy Artifactory on WebLogic>

1. Drop the artifactory .war file to $MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/{mydomain}/autodeploy

2. Run artifactory on the browser by the url:   http://localhost:7001/artifactory/ (localhost, or the ip of the weblogic server)