How do I encrypt the password in the file?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:35

Currently, we do not encrypt the storage properties file itself, although we do have a feature request for that. 

We do have a way to support the use of an encrypted password inside of the file:

  • Use Artifactory to encrypt the password in another location (e.g. remote repository configuration)
  • Copy the encrypted password to the file
  • Remove the encrypted password from the remote repository configuration.

The specific steps are:

  1. Using the UI navigate to 'Admin' tab -> 'Security' -> 'General'
  2. Click on the 'Encrypt' button to Configure your Artifactory to encrypt all passwords.
  3. Go to one of your remote repositories' configuration-screen  
  • 'Admin' tab -> 'Configuration' -> 'Repositories' -> right click on a remote-repository -> 'Edit' -> 'Advanced Settings' tab 
  • Fill the database password on the 'password' field and save the configuration.
  • Browse to view the Configuration Descriptor content:
    • 'Admin' tab -> 'Advanced' -> 'Config Descriptor'
  • Search Configuration Descriptor content for the section pertaining to the remote repository where you added the database password and locate the <password> tag within it which will contain the database encrypted password. 
  • Cut the password from the config descriptor, click on Save, (so that your repository uses the password,) and paste the password into the file.
    • Usually you will add a line to that looks like 'password=AM5Q7cX3yWxwjhtCrk2nMuBczNY', or similar