How do I enable SSL on Mission Control?

JFrog Support
2018-07-06 14:15

The following steps can be used to enable SSL on your Mission Control.

Please note that the following example is refers to a JKS key-store type.

  1. Stop Mission Control

  2. Consult your Certificate Authority and generate a certificate for the Mission Control application

  3. Enable SSL for Mission Control

  • Please modify $MC_HOME/etc/ as following:

a. Comment the line that says server.port=8080

b. Uncomment the line that says and set the value server.port=8443

c. Set the path to your keystore in: server.ssl.key-store=path/to/keystore.jks

d. Uncomment the following property and add the required value:

server.ssl.key-store-password=<the password to your keystore>

e. Uncomment the property and set the following type server.ssl.key-store-type=JKS
f. Save the changes to the file

4. Start Mission control
5. Access Mission Control VIA SSL

Now that you have SSL enabled, you can access your Mission Control using the SSL port specified under the file. 

For example, access Mission Control via SSL by accessing the following URL: