How do I deploy and resolve binaries from an Artifactory server without a web-browser?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:35

Users can interact with Artifactory either via the GUI via a web-Browser or by using REST-API calls from either directly from the command line or indirectly using scripts

For example a user could deploy an artifact by using a simple HTTP call via a cURL command:

curl -u myUser:myPassword -T file.exe 'http://myArtifactoryDeployment:8081/artifactory/libs-release-local/folder/subfolder/different_filename.exe'

  • Artifactory is expected to be running at 'myArtifactoryDeployment:8081/artifactory'
  • The user/password information provided must be valid, and the user must have the proper permissions
  • This command will deploy a file called 'file.exe', to the 'libs-release-local'-repository under the 'folder/subfolder/'-path, renaming it to 'different_filename.exe'.