How do I build on Continuous Integration (CI) servers other than Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:35

Artifactory currently actively supports Jenkins/Hudson, TeamCity and Bamboo CI servers. If you need to publish artifacts to Artifactory from another CI server (such as cloud-based CI solutions) you can use the Maven Artifactory Plugin or the Gradle Artifactory Plugin.

In the Maven Artifactory Plugin, you will need to edit your pom.xml file; on deploy the plugin will generate and create all the required information needed to work with Artifactory. Similarly, in the Gradle Artifactory Plugin, you will need to edit the build.gradle file.

Artifactory requires the build information to use the promotion capabilities and to promote the SNAPSHOT artifact to a release.

Please visit our GitHub for an example of a project with our plugin.