How can I set a log rotation rule in JFrog Mission Control?

David Shin
2018-05-30 23:35


In order to configure Mission-Control logging rotation, you will need to edit the 'logback.xml' file which is located in $MISSION_CONTROL_HOME/etc. 


In the logback.xml you will find four appenders: 

  • Console – Writes the stdout. We recommend not to change anything in this appender. 
  • File-Audit – Creates audit.log
  • File-Monitoring – Creates monitoring.log
  • File – Creates mission-control.log

In each appender, you will find the property <maxFileSize> which is set to 10MB. This will set the maximum size per log file. 

In addition, in order to limit Mission-Control to create number of logs per your request, you will need to add the following to each of the three appenders (all except Console):


The above will limit each appender to create 9 logs of each file.