How can I import repository from Archiva ?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:35

Migrating a local repository from Apache Archiva should be pretty straight forward.

Assuming you are trying to import from the local Archiva repository with id=archiva-repo-name:

    1. Create a new local repository in Artifactory with the desired id on the Artifactory WebUI? Admin panel ? General ? Repositories.
    2. Make sure that the repositories policy is the same: import a releases repository to a releases repository, and snapshot to a snapshot repository.
    3. Go to Artifactory Admin panel ? Import & Export ? Repositories ? Import Repository from Path
    4. Choose the repository name you created in step 1
    5. On the Import section press ‘Browse’, and select your archiva repository root folder.
    6. Press the ‘Import’ button.

    This operation may take some time, depending on the size and the amount of artifacts of the source repository.

    You can check the imported artifacts on the Artifacts tab of the Artifactory UI.

    You’ll notice in the tree view that an additional .indexer folder was created, you can safely delete it.