How can I configure Artifactory’s filestore with NetApp StorageGrid?

Yonatan Brand
2019-12-03 08:20

In case you are using NetApp StorageGrid as your filestore solution, you should know that Artifactory supports it and it can be configured.
For configuring Artifactory with NetApp StorageGrid you should first create S3 bucket within NetApp solution and configure Artifactory's binarystore.xml as follows: 

<config version="2">
    <chain template="s3"/>
    <provider id="s3" type="s3">
        <!– Credentials and endpoint for your NetApp StorageGRID S3 storage –>
        <property name="s3service.disable-dns-buckets" value="true"></property>

The above template is only a basic template that contains the S3 binary provider. You should consider reviewing the Configure The Filestore wiki page for more information on other binary providers such as, eventual, cache-fs, etc.