How backup works for Artifactory Cloud?

Aviv Blonder
2019-11-24 09:04

As you know, in Artifactory On-prem version, you may configure system or repository backups, based on custom filters and obviously restore a backup, if needed.

But how does it work for Artifactory Cloud version, where this feature is controlled by JFrog?

JFrog maintains an internal DR solution, located in a different region than the original server, for the whole Artifactory server, by replicating the binary store and database.
These backups are triggered on a daily basis and are saved for 8 days.

Please note that these backups are for disaster recovery only and will be restored based on JFrog internal evaluation. JFrog will not restore files that were permanently deleted by a user, therefore, we recommend utilising the Trash Can feature and configuring it based on your needs.