How Artifactory Maps Published Artifacts to Builds (and Why Sometimes the Paths to Them Don’t Appear)

Adi Vizgan
2021-03-30 18:09

When publishing a build, Artifactory uses the properties and build.number to connect deployed artifacts to their respective builds. If you’re using the Jenkins Artifactory plugin, it will automatically create these properties and attach them to published artifacts. If you're uploading a build via the REST API, the JFrog CLI, or through replication of the artifactory-build-info repository and the local repository that contains the artifacts, these properties will need to be assigned manually to the published artifacts.

To set the path from a published artifact to its respective build, manually assign the and build.number properties to it, along with the correct values of the build to which they should connect. If you'd like to automate this process, you can use the Set Item Properties REST API.

More information about setting these properties and the JFrog CLI is available HERE.