Deprecation of domain

JFrog Support
2023-02-26 14:49

By June 30, 2017, JFrog Artifactory SaaS will use a new domain:, and the domain will be deprecated. To continue accessing your server, you need to  update the URL accordingly. For example if your server name is X and you used to access your server through, then after the change, the entry point to your server will be

Any attempts to access the old domain will be automatically redirected to All builds that point to this domain will fail since the artifacts will not be found and the response returned to the build server will be an HTML page instead of the JSON object that the build info library expects.

Any scripts, client configurations and build tools relying on the old domain should also be modified to use the new domain instead.

In addition, if you have configured the “Custom Base URL” (in the Admin module under General | General Configuration) make sure to update the value to refer to the new domain.

Another change made as a result of deprecating the domain is that the URLs to your Docker registries are much simpler.

For example, when docker registry "dockerv2-local" which was accessible via:


has become