Default exclude patterns for each repository

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:35

Artifactory comes with pre-defined exclude patterns. The default exclude pattern in Artifactory are the following:















If your path match this pattern then Artifactory will reject this artifact with 409 error:

Sending HTTP error code 409: The repository 'ForTest' rejected the artifact 'ForTest:.svn/test/test.svn-base' due to its include/exclude pattern settings.

This can be overriden by adding to the the following parameter:

artifactory.repo.includeExclude.globalExcludes={the exclude pattern that you want by default to be excluded}”. For example to allow the .svn from previous example to be deployed, just add the following to the file:

artifactory.repo.includeExclude.globalExcludes= **/*~,**/#*#,**/.#*,**/%*%,**/._*,**/CVS,**/CVS/,**/.cvsignore,**/SCCS,**/SCCS/**,


This will require a restart of the Artifactory server.