Creating and Editing a Download List

JFrog Support
2017-02-19 09:12

The download list is a feature of Bintray packages and versions in which the user who owns the package or version can list a few select files as a recommended list for download. The user can also create a shortcut list for downloading the newest, most important or most popular files from within his or her package or version.

It is a very simple process for another user to download from the download list.

To mark a file for inclusion in the download list:

  1. Access the Version page of the version that contains the file. This file must be a version you own or, if the version is within a repo belonging to an organization, you must have the relevant authorization.

  2. Select the Files tab.

  3. Hover over the Actions icon of the relevant file.

    From the drop-down list that opens, select the Show in download list option.

    Upon selection of this option, an icon appears next to the file name indicating this file is on the download list.

  4. If you wish, you may add a description to each file designated for download (optional). Hover over the Actions icon of the file again, and this time select Edit download description.

  5. Enter a brief description of this file or its role in the download list (plain text) and click Save.

    Download Desc (Files tab, Ver.)
    The files are also listed in the download list of the version.

    Download list in Version page

    If a description has been added to any of the files in the download list, it will appear under the file name.

    If this is the newest version in the package that has any files included in the download list, these files are also included in the download list of the package.