ARTIFACTORY: Why can’t non-admin users see the complete “Packages” list in the UI?

Elina Floim
2023-01-22 11:08

By default, and due to various performance considerations, users that are not admin users will not see the available packages view, and will see a view indicating to search for specific packages using the Search Bar:

User-added image

When searching for a specific package name (or part of it) the user will be able to see the available packages matching the search criteria. For instance:

User-added image

When accessing the “Packages” tab, a GraphQL query will be executed in the background and will search for the requested packages. When the admin user accesses this tab, the query searches for all packages without filtering for a specific name and presents all of the available packages. The package list request is often a heavy query and can affect performance when executed frequently by multiple users, therefore, the default full view is limited to administrators only. 

Note: The Packages view will list the top 100 results by default in order to avoid overloading the UI.