Artifactory S3 backup strategies?

JFrog Support
2023-01-22 11:08

If you’re using Artifactory with S3 for binary storage, you can use Amazon’s optional S3 versioning service to safely backup and restore your binaries. You can do this by using a binary log (binlog) to keep a record of previously deployed binaries and their paths, and correlating them with the checksum-based filestore residing in your S3 bucket.

Additionally, you can take time-based snapshots or perform regularly-timed db dumps of your database (we recommend invoking a backup run several times a day and retaining those on a weekly rotation). This way, should the need arise, you’ll be able to check previous backups of your database and, once again, associate any binaries via their path(s) and/or checksum(s) stored in the database.

Another option is synching file deltas between two buckets, each in a different region. If an Amazon region/site is unavailable, you can then switch over to the Artifactory S3 Object Storage endpoint.