ARTIFACTORY: Pre-Upgrade Checklist

Raphael Zaafrani
2023-01-22 11:10

To make the upgrade process as smooth as possible we recommend following the checklist below. Once you’ve done all of these, you’re ready to go!

  • Review upgrade documentation
    • Before diving into the upgrade, read each step of the documentation so you don't end up with surprises down the road.
  • Read the systems requirements chart
    • Always make sure that your system can support the new version requirements, it is an essential step in order to keep the system running smoothly.
    • Ensure that Artifactory is not running on a Networked File System (NFS), latency from an NFS will result in Artifactory failing to start
  • Back up the database
    • Often as Artifactory grows, the database schema changes along. Having a backup on hand will save you a lot of trouble if you have to revert to your previous version.
    • This guide will help you if your system is larger than 1TB, otherwise use this guide for assistance in doing a database backup.
  • Back up the filestore
    • That is where your binaries are actually located, so having a backup can be a lifesaver. Using Kubernetes? Back up your PVC instead.
  • Try the upgrade on a test server
    • A test server will save you time and worries by helping you catch bugs or unexpected outcomes without impacting your production environment.
  • Set up a maintenance window to let your users know that Artifactory will be inaccessible for the time of the upgrade.

Good luck with your upgrades!