ARTIFACTORY: Migrating Artifactory to another server with an upgraded version

Luzeen Halaby
2023-01-22 11:10

Upgrading and Migrating Artifactory servers are two different processes that should not occur at the same time. Each process should be performed separately since it has the potential to cause future issues. 
Therefore, we do not recommend upgrading and migrating at once. Migrations should always be done between two Artifactory instances with identical versions.

As a result, we suggest splitting these two processes and performing each one individually. 
The order in which these processes are performed does not matter, meaning that you may decide to upgrade first and then perform the migration, or start with the migration first, where you install a new Artifactory instance with an identical version as the current one and then, once the migration is complete, you may proceed with upgrading the new instance to the preferred version.

Additional information on the upgrade process can be found on our Upgrading Artifactory documentation page. Please follow the appropriate path for your install type.

For the migration procedure, you may refer to these articles as they provide additional information and steps on the migration process: