ARTIFACTORY: Managing licenses

Adi Malca
2021-12-26 10:23

How to update licenses in a HA cluster if it is not visible in the UI?

1. Use this REST API call 

2. Update licenseKey via values.yaml and Helm:

a. Use the copyOnEveryStartup feature mentioned in the values.yaml file, and you can refer to this wiki page for steps.

b. Exec to one of the pods and manually copy artifactory.cluster.license with the new keys from /artifactory_bootstrap/ to /opt/jfrog/artifactory/var/etc/artifactory/


How to upgrade a license from Pro to Enterprise and to E+?

In order to upgrade your license from pro to E or E+, you can replace the licenses in the UI under Administration tab -> License -> Licenses.

It is also possible to perform it by using this REST API command.

In addition, it is possible to edit the artifactory.lic file under /opt/jfrog/artifactory/var/etc/artifactory

If a License Bucket is being used, you can first add the new bucket, then remove the old one. The new licenses will be distributed automatically.


How to Apply a License bucket after Artifactory installation?

Drop the json file or past the URL in the license box at the onboarding process 

If you have an existing bucket and would like to apply licenses to a different installation (This will require MC):

  1. Split the existing bucket. 
  2. After installing Artifactory, access the UI and move forward with the on-boarding pop tab.
  3. When reaching the license step, click the ‘x’
  4. Go to the Administration tab -> Licenses -> Licenses buckets
  5. Add the bucket using the file and the key.


How to release licenses from a split bucket?

Shut down the Artifactory instances that are associated with the licenses in the splitted bucket, then delete the splitted bucket, the freed licenses will be added back to the main bucket.

User-added image

How to check the type of licenses that are used?

Once the licenses are applied, you can check the license type at the bottom right corner of the Artifactory application

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Will switching licenses via the UI and file during Running time impact Artifactory?

No, and a restart is not needed.


 Would we require a new license when we upgrade to the latest?

Upgrading Artifactory does not require changing the license.

The only requirement is that the license will be valid.


How many active Project-based management is it possible to have with each license?

According to the JFrog pricing page it is possible to have 30 active Project-based management for Enterprise license, meaning in each Artifactory stand-alone instance or HA cluster can have 30 active Project-based management at a time.

For E+ license, it can be 300.

How to switch from plain text license to bucket license?

  1. Set up a license bucket according to the wiki page.
  2. Remove the plain text license via the UI.
  3. Attach licenses from the bucket license to the Artifactory instances.

How to activate Xray license?

If you have purchased the following licenses: "Pro X", "Enterprise X", "Enterprise +", the Xray license is already bundled in the Artifactory licenses. After installing Xray and integrating it with Artifactory it will be active and no further action is required.
If you have purchased other licenses and received an "Xray Trail License", the licenses should be placed under the Administration Tab -> licenses -> Xray Trail Licenses tab, then install Xray and integrate it with Artifactory.