ARTIFACTORY: How to Upgrade Artifactory from Open-Source Solutions (OSS) to Pro for RPM Installations

Snir Ben Ami
2023-01-22 11:07

If you’re using an RPM installation of Artifactory OSS and your goal is to move from a particular version of OSS to the exact same version of Pro, please execute the following steps:

  1. Download the desired Artifactory version RPM installation from this link
  2. Perform a complete System Export , this would back up your entire server information. Please make sure to NOT select the "Exclude Metadata" and "Exclude Content" checkboxes
  3. For Artifactory 7.x – Back up the system.yaml file (located in $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/var/etc/) to a neutral location
  4. Stop Artifactory
  5. Remove Artifactory OSS using the –noscripts option – rpm -e –noscripts jfrog-artifactory-oss
  6. Install Artifactory Pro – rpm -ivh jfrog-artifactory-pro-<version>.rpm
  7. Create/Edit the 'artifactory.lic' file (located in $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/var/etc/ for Artifactry 7.x, and in $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ in Artifactory 6.x and below) and paste your Artifactory Pro license
  8. Start Artifactory

NOTE: Upgrading from Artifactory OSS to Artifactory Pro is the same as upgrading from any given Artifactory version to the latest version. The instructions available HERE should guide you through the process.