ARTIFACTORY: How to sync your Azure AD SAML groups with Artifactory?

Sandeep Anikapati
2021-10-07 11:44

Subject :

Syncing groups between Azure AD and Artifactory


Configure Azure AD SAML SSO with the Artifactory (


This article will help you to sync your SAML groups with Artifactory.
Please follow below steps to sync your SAML groups of the  Azure AD provider. 

  • In the SAML SSO Configuration UI of Artifactory, we will configure the following:

Group Attribute  – claim name of “user.groups”

Email Attribute – claim name of “user.mail” (optional)

User-added image

After mapping group attributes, make sure that the group of the Azure AD provider already exists in the Artifactory with the group name of  “Object ID” because the user will be associated only with the groups that exist in Artifactory, the integration will not create new groups. 


Create the group with name as “Object Id” in the Groups section of Artifactory.

User-added image

Please note that this association with the groups is valid only for the current UI session.