ARTIFACTORY: How to Resolve the peer not authenticated Error When Using Java 11

Muhammed Kashif
2023-01-22 11:11

Whenever you’re trying to perform certain operations, like pulling an artifact from source registries which are configured with the certificates that need to be added in the Artifactory, for instance connecting with Redhat registries, the request may fail with the following error: peer not authenticated 

If the Java version being used with Artifactory is Java 11.0.2 AdoptOpenJDK, it could be related to this bug reported in the Java and To overcome this issue there are 2 workarounds:

  1. Add this Java option "-Djdk.tls.client.protocols=TLSv1.2" under the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/default folder in Artifactory v6.x or $JFROG_HOME/etc/system.yaml in Artifactory v7.x and restart Artifactory, so that this Java option is implemented in Artifactory.
  2. We recommend upgrading the Java to Java 11.0.4 and above to resolve this issue.