ARTIFACTORY: How to resolve ‘HTTP-500’ errors returned while trying to browse the repository without a trailing slash / at the end, via the native browser

Vignesh Surendrababu
2023-01-22 11:07


While using the native browser to access the artifacts from a repository, there is a possibility of the browser returning the below error.

"Could not process download request: Cannot construct a module info object from a blank item path" 

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Root cause:

Ideally, while using the native browser, there is a possibility of the end user accessing the repository from the browser without the trailing slash “/” with the repository path.


If the concerned repository’s layout is incorrectly configured, then the resolution of the artifacts via the native browser would be impacted. Because, the artifacts expected to be listed in the destined location in correlation with the actual layout, would not match the path we are accessing, due to the conflict in the layout set at the repository level. 

Example: For a maven repository, it is expected to have the Repository Layout set as “maven-2-default”, if the layout is incorrect and when trying to access the repository over a native browser without a trailing slash “/” at end, the error “Cannot construct a module info object from a blank item path” will be encountered.


To overcome this, it is required to update the Repository Layout for the repository on which the issue is observed, to the expected value. The option to change the layout accordingly would be available under the Repository settings page.

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