ARTIFACTORY: How to remove obsolete/invalid nodes from service status in UI?

Venu Reddy
2021-12-30 07:50


Artifactory service status via UI may show some nodes that are decommissioned and are no longer valid. This can happen when automated scripts generate server ID dynamically. One may not be able to delete them via UI.



Step 1:

Review access.config.latest.yml located in <JFROG_HOME>/var/etc/access directory. It’ll have an entry such as below for each node.

- server-name: "art1"
key: "bGljZ…


Step 2:

If the symptom still persists, review access_servers table in the Artifactory database. A sample entry is shown below

select * from access_servers;
server_id | created | modified | server_name | version | prvkey_fingerprint | prvkey_last_modified | last_heartbeat | base_url
| grpc_info
3019bb4e-572d-4b49-84c7-9c5a6c0ee094 | 1622588273523 | 1622588273523 | 95990761-f6c7-48af-9ea3-c754b100bc5c | 4.17.19 | f43a5cc0fff3e7086b379ecd70eb453bcb66ddd7913f903dffb65e579568d0ff | 1622588273523 | 1622590266690 |
ess |

(*) Note that making any changes in the DB does have a risk, so first, make a backup of the table, or the entire database, as needed.
Then, delete the rows with server_id/server_name that's no longer in commission. If the names are not clear, look at the created values and convert the data to readable format using Epoch time converter