ARTIFACTORY: How to Proxy Azure Container Registry via Artifactory

Hanan Kemelman
2022-05-18 06:24

You can configure a Docker remote repository to proxy ACR by following the below steps:

1. Create a remote Docker repository
2. Fill in your ACR URL (e.g “https://<myregistry>”)
3. Fill in your ACR credentials:
User-added image
4. Disable URL normalization:
  • For version 7.25.4 or above, navigate to the remote repository advanced settings and check the “Disable URL Normalization” checkbox:User-added image
  • For versions up to 7.25.4, add the following system property to “$JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/artifactory/” and restart Artifactory(replace <myregistry> with the registry name),<myregistry>