ARTIFACTORY: How to manually configure Terrafarm CLI with Artifactory, when you don’t have a Browser installed on your Unix machine to Authorize Terraform CLI with Artifactory.

Bandi Harish Goud
2022-05-22 11:30


From Artifactory version 7.38.4 and above JFrog provides a fully-fledged Terraform repository solution giving you full control of your deployment and resolution process of Terraform Modules, Providers and Backend packages.


Artifactory supports Terraform CLI version 1.0.0 and above. So install Terraform CLI.

Problem statement:

While configuring Terraform CLI with Artifactory the request will be routed to JFrog platform browser page to Authorise Terraform CLI to access Artifactory. The screenshot is as below:

User-added image

Steps to Manually configure Terraform CLI with Artifactory

  1. So install Terraform CLI from Terraform CLI
  2. Create dedicated Module and Provider registries.
  3. Create a Terraform Backend Repository in Artifactory.
  4. Generate an Access Token between Artifactory and the Terraform CLI
Navigate to JFrog_Platform_UI | Admin | User Management | Generate Token |
User-added image


5. Create a “credentials.tfrc.json” under “~/.terraform.d/” path. The file path should be as below:
6. Update your Access Token generated in the previous step in the “credentials.tfrc.json” file and initialize via the command “terrafram init
Example format below:#cat ~/.terraform.d/credentials.tfrc.json
  "credentials": {
"": {"token": "ACCESS TOKEN" }

Note: If you are using Access Token in “credentials.tfrc.json” you don’t have to login again (terraform login [not required] )