ARTIFACTORY: How to check Artifactory Installation Type

Ruja Rajbhandari
2023-01-22 11:07

When upgrading Artifactory you need to make sure to use the same upgrade method (RPM, Debian, Docker, etc.) as the one you initially used to install Artifactory. To check your installation type for Artifactory, you can check for the –Dartdist flag on the System Info Dump after a successful startup/restart of the instance on the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/var/log/artifactory-service.log file.  

-Dartdist=zip [Linux Archive install]
-Dartdist=zip [Windows install]
-Dartdist =zip [Docker Compose install]
-Dartdist=rpm [RPM install]
-Dartdist =docker [Docker install]
-Dartdist =docker [Helm install]
-Dartdist=deb [Debian install]

Even though -Dartdist is similar for Linux, Windows, Docker Compose i.e "zip" and "docker" for docker and helm installation, you can differentiate what installation type it is by the way you Start and Stop Artifactory. For example:

Starting/Stopping Linux installation:systemctl <start|stop|status> artifactory.service
Starting/Stopping Windows installation:sc start|stop|query artifactory
Starting/Stopping Docker Compose installation:docker-compose -p rt up -d
docker-compose -p rt down