ARTIFACTORY: Connect Artifactory to S3 Bucket with IAM Role

Yarden Gitta
2021-12-28 10:19


Artifactory v7.x deployed on AWS EKS cluster

Artifactory Helm Chart

S3 Bucket



1. Create an IAM OIDC provider for your cluster:


2. Create IAM role with type "Web identity":

User-added image

User-added image

User-added image

3. Associate an IAM role to a service account using artifactory helm chart values.yaml:

annotations: arn:aws:iam::<ACCOUNT_ID>:role/<IAM_ROLE_NAME>

4. Configure the binarystore.xml:
useInstanceCredentials: true


5. Restart Artifactory


6. Deploy Artifact and verify it uploaded to the S3 Bucket