Adding Admin and Other Permissions for Xray Users

Adi Vizgan
2023-01-22 11:09

When configuring Artifactory as an Xray authentication provider, you’ll be able to login to Xray with users who are defined in Artifactory either as internal Artifactory users, or through an SSO. However, as the permissions model is different between Artifactory and Xray, users who are configured as Artifactory admin users will not automatically get admin permissions in Xray.

Resolution: To add admin permissions for an Xray user or to grant permissions to access specific things in Xray, you’ll first need to login to Xray with the target user at least once so it will be created in Xray. Next, login to Xray with an Xray admin user and give specific permissions to the target user. Xray comes with a predefined "admin" user which you can use to edit other users permissions.

Note: This only applies to Xrray 2.x. 3.x uses the Artifactory Access service to manage users and permissions as part of the unified platform.