Deploying to Cloud Hosted Kubernetes Environments with Terraform & Helm Made Easy

2-Part Webinar Series

In this webinar series join Senior Solution Engineer Selva Sabapathy and as he explores best practices in leveraging K8s, Containers, Terraform and Helm to deploy applications on public cloud environments and improve the value they bring to your organization.

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Part 1 - Managing containerized application workflows

Introduction to the modern tech stacks.
Leveraging a single source of truth for modern microservice applications by:

  • Storing Docker, Helm, and Terraform artifacts in Artifactory
  • Provisioning cloud resources using Terraform scripts in Artifactory
  • Automating the build and deployment with JFrog Pipelines and Distribution
  • Deploying a Containerized application using Helm charts in a cluster
March 8th 11:00AM
March 9th 11:00AM
Part 2 - Securing containerized applications

Best practices in securing your software supply chain.
Using JFrog as your one-stop solution for: 

  • Scanning, triaging and remediating vulnerabilities from dependencies
  • Securing Docker, Helm, and Terraform artifacts in Artifactory
  • Scanning State files from Terraform apply to provision cloud resources
March 15th 11:00AM
March 16th 11:00AM
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