JFrog Providers Support the Terraform Community

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with Hashicorp Terraform and the value it brings to managing the deployment and provisioning of infrastructure resources at scale. We’re big fans and users of it ourselves here at JFrog (see how in our recent webinar!).


Terraform is one of the most, if not the most popular infrastructure-as-code (Iac) tools. It helps infrastructure managers build, change, and version cloud and on-prem resources safely and efficiently through a simple syntax that enables modularity and multi-cloud work. If you’re an avid follower of JFrog news, then you’re aware of our native support for storing and managing your Terraform module, provider, and backend state files launched earlier this year. There are many benefits of using Artifactory to manage your Terraform files, but it isn’t the only way you can use Terraform with JFrog.

As organizations grow, it’s likely they will have many instances of JFrog solutions to help them scale. Configuring them all precisely, with the same set of repositories, users, groups, policies, and permissions can’t be done effectively one at a time. A Terraform provider is a plugin that enables Terraform users to manage an application or service through its APIs, such as the many available in the JFrog DevOps Platform

Terraform Providers for JFrog

The JFrog partner engineering team maintains four Terraform providers for the community to manage solutions within the JFrog Platform.

JFrog Terraform providers require access to JFrog APIs which are only available in the licensed Pro editions and above.

 Artifactory Provider

Downloaded over 1.6M times, the Artifactory provider for Terraform is used to interact and command the resources supported by JFrog Artifactory binary repository manager. The Artifactory provider enables infrastructure managers to configure:

  • Local, remote, and virtual repositories for over 30 package/file types
  • Federated repositories
  • Pull and push replication
  • Security parameter such as access tokens, api keys, and more
  • User management
  • Webhooks
  • Data sources

Project Provider

JFrog Projects delegate management of JFrog platform resources to a given team. Using projects helps JFrog Platform admins offload part of their day-to-day management effort and to generate a better separation between the customer products to improve customer visibility on efficiency, scale, cost, and security. The JFrog Project provider for Terraform creates and manages Artifactory projects, including users, groups, roles, and repositories.

 Xray Provider

The JFrog Xray provider for Terraform commands and configures the resources supported by JFrog Xray. Xray is an application security tool that integrates security automation and knowledge directly into DevOps workflows, fortifying the software supply chain across the entire development pipeline. The Xray provider enables infrastructure managers to configure:

  • License, security, and operational risk policies
  • Settings
  • Watches
  • Individuals managing alerts
  • Interactions with JFrog Projects

 Pipelines Provider

Use the JFrog Pipelines provider for Terraform provider to setup nodes, node pools and integrations for a given project’s pipeline. JFrog Pipelines empowers software teams to ship updates faster by automating DevOps processes in a streamlined and secure way across all their teams and tools. Encompassing continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), infrastructure and more, JFrog Pipelines automates everything from code to production.

Take it for a Spin

If you use Terraform and JFrog, try taking one of our Terraform providers for a spin. 

While you’re exploring, we suggest you also take a look at how Artifactory can help you securely manage your Terraform modules, providers, and state files through Terraform repositories.

Not a current JFrog user? Try our Terraform features with a free JFrog DevOps Platform environment.