JFrog Joins Rust Foundation as Platinum Member

JFrog Joins Rust Foundation

The technology ecosystem is continually evolving but one truth remains, if there is a new and emerging coding language that captures the heart and minds of developers JFrog will be there. JFrog provides a DevOps Platform to store and secure its artifacts while engaging with the community and foundations that support developers using that language. We have a long history of working with Java, Python, C/C++ and more recently Go, Swift and Rust. Rust is the focus of this post as we are pleased to announce our new membership in the Rust Foundation.

JFrog is now a Platinum Member of the Rust Foundation with Stephen Chin, VP of Developer Relations representing JFrog on their Board of Directors.

“JFrog cares about supporting open source and developer communities that enable our Liquid Software vision to streamline software deployments. Rust is a key technology for us, it is the basis for Pyrsia, our decentralized, open source package network, because it provides a high performance and secure platform for developing modern cloud-native applications. As part of our commitment to the Rust community we are also dedicating security researchers from our world class research team to ensure the Rust platform and ecosystem remain the best choice for building secure applications.”

This is a first of its kind foundation sponsorship for JFrog in that we have not only dedicated personnel on the Board of Directors for the Foundation helping to steward the community, we have our security team working directly with the Foundation to proactively address any potential security threats within the Rust ecosystem. Rebecca Rumbul, Executive Director of the Rust Foundation said it best when she said the partnership helps ensure Rust language “remains safe, secure, and sustainable for the future.”

Rust is known for being a beloved secure language to code in and JFrog is working directly with the community and the Foundation to ensure developers can have peace of mind when they code. This is just one of the Foundations JFrog is working with to help deliver on our Liquid Software vision. We are continually looking for ways to support the community through open source projects like Pyrsia and Frogbot as well as having a voice in the way the technology landscape is shaped through our participation in multiple foundations. We look forward to working with the Rust community and the Rust Foundation to help secure the software supply chain.