JFrog +

JFrog offers an end-to-end solution covering the full lifecycle of your Opkg packages to manage development, artifact flow control and distribution.


Control and Security

Create any number of secure, private Opkg repositories from which to distribute your packages while exercising fine-grained access control over who can view, upload to or download from them. Maintain control through a variety of means, such as entitlements, signed URLs, IP and geographical restrictions, EULA acceptance and more. Automatically provision your organization users via API, or have them silently log in with SAML authentication to your existing identity provider.

Speed and Automation

Fully automated through a powerful REST API, Bintray lets you manage all aspects of distributing your Opkg packages such as controlling access to your content, collecting logs and analytics and more. Globally deployed over an ultra-fast Akamai CDN, Bintray offers enterprise-grade performance and reliability for the distribution of your Opkg packages.


Tight integration with Artifactory lets you fully manage the complete distribution lifecycle for your Opkg packages. With Artifactory seamlessly and securely pushing Opkg release artifacts through its Distribution Repository to Bintray, these complementary products form a truly automated end-to-end software delivery pipeline.

Universal Solution

In addition to Opkg packages, Bintray offers native support for all major package formats, allowing you to work seamlessly with industry standard development, build and deployment tools. With support for massive scalability and worldwide coverage, this gives you the best native repository distribution available.

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