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Artifactory is both the Helm Repository and Docker Registry provisioning your Kubernetes cluster with the charts and images needed to orchestrate your application.


Secure and private provisioning

As both a Helm repository and a Docker registry, Artifactory hosts your Helm packages and the Docker images they specify in local repositories. These give you fine-grained access control as you securely share packages and images across your organization for provisioning to your Kubernetes cluster. And to keep you independent of the network and remote resources, Artifactory uses remote repositories to proxy public Helm and Docker resources, caching Helm charts and Docker images that are downloaded so they are available on the local network. Finally, virtual repositories aggregate local and remote repositories giving you a single URL for all your Helm resources, and similarly, a single Virtual Docker registry through which you can manage all your Docker images.

Universal repository

Through a Helm chart provided by JFrog, you can deploy Artifactory to your Kubernetes cluster to serve as a universal repository manager for all your CI/CD needs wherever they are running in your organization.

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