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JFrog offers an end-to-end solution covering the full lifecycle of your Bower packages to manage development, vulnerability analysis and artifact flow control.


Deep Recursive Scan Through All Layers of a Bower package

Xray recursively peels away the different layers of your Bower packages and their dependencies ensuring that every software artifact that is included in your software has been scanned for issues and vulnerabilities.

Impact Analysis

When a vulnerability is detected, Xray shows you all the Bower packages that contain the infected artifact so you can instantly understand the impact that any vulnerable layer has on all packages in your system.

Continuous Analysis

Even when packages uploaded to your Bower registries in Artifactory are given a clean bill of health, Xray continues to scan them to make sure they are not infected with any new vulnerabilities that are registered with Xray’s global vulnerability database.

Fully Integrated with Your CI/CD Pipeline

Through Xray’s integration with common CI servers, you can stop infected builds from ever getting to your repositories. During the build process, Xray will notify your CI server if an infected artifact is being included in your Bower packages so the build can be halted before completion.

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