The Set Me Up Option Explained

The Set Me Up Option Explained

Patrick Russell

Alongside the Deploy button, you’ll notice another option: Set Me Up. Click on it and it will open a dialog box, whose tool-centric design will dynamically change the contents of the box according to whichever tool you select.

Set Me Up will help you build long-lasting relationships between your client-side tools and your Artifactory server. Let’s explore this a little more closely, using Docker as an example:

1] From the Tool drop-down menu, select Docker:


2] From the Package Type drop-down menu, select one of your Docker repositories.

The dialog box will now display relevant client-related Docker operations, such as Push, Pull, and Tag, which should have already been adapted to your Artifactory environment, thus enabling you to begin seamlessly integrating Artifactory with Docker. Notice that the dialog box will offer you client command snippets for your convenience.

Just click on the Copy button (as shown below) and the command text will go to your clipboard, which you can then paste them into the space where you run these client commands, such as a BASH terminal.

The Set Me Up option is equally helpful when used with other client types, including Maven, NPM, Bower, NuGet, and others.