What Are Artifactory Cloud NATed IPs?

What Are Artifactory Cloud NATed IPs?


Last change was on 17/06/2024 12:31:13 UTC

From time to time, you may need to use an external service (e.g., LDAP/SAML) to which your Artifactory Cloud service should connect. To ensure proper communications are established, you’ll have to be certain that the given service is whitelisted for Artifactory Cloud to access by whitelisting the Artifactory Cloud NAT IPs on the external service.

You first identify the NAT IP based on your Cloud instance region. You can find your Artifactory Cloud instance region by running the below command and checking the region via the CNAME:

$ nslookup <server-name>.jfrog.io

You can get the IP list by executing the GET Platform Cloud NAT IPs API or from the list below Please note that the IPs are updated from time to time.