Scans List - Get Builds



Description: Get a list of builds scanned by Xray.

Security: Requires a valid user with "Read" permissions.

Usage: GET api/v1/builds?order_by=&direction=&num_of_rows=&offset=&search={string}&number_of_versions_start={int}&number_of_versions_end={int}

Produces: application/json


  • Required: None

  • Optional:

    • order_by: By which column to order the results.

      Allowed values:

      • updated_at - This is the default

      • created_at

      • name

      • number_of_versions

    • search: Free text search.

      • name

    • number_of_versions_start: Return builds with the minimum specified versions count.

    • number_of_versions_end: Return builds with the maximum specified versions count.

    • direction: The direction by which to order the results (either ascending or descending):

      • asc

      • desc

    • num_of_rows: The number of entries to return.

    • offset: A value returned by the API. It needs to be passed to the API to get the next page. A value of -1 means that the last page was reached.

Sample Response:

    "data": [
            "name": "build",
            "build_repository": "artifactory-build-info",
            "latest_version": "1.1",
            "latest_build_time": "2022-07-31T13:16:31+03:00",
            "number_of_versions": 2,
            "created_at": "2022-07-31T13:16:31+03:00",
            "updated_at": "2022-07-31T13:16:31+03:00",
            "created_by": "admin"
    "offset": -1

Response Codes:

200: Success

400: Bad request

500: Internal server error