PDN 1.7.3

JFrog Release Information


Released: May 10, 2023

RPM Installer

An RPM installer is now available for PDN Server and PDN Node installation.

PDN Server Feature Enhancements

Change PDN Server Log Level

It is now possible to change the PDN Server log level during runtime without restarting the PDN Server.

Helm Chart Improvements

PDN Servers now use the latest JFrog standard for defining and describing the Kubernetes network policy in Helm charts. This replaces a legacy standard that had been in use until now. (PDN Nodes already use the latest standard.)


The initContainerImage has been updated to ubi9/ubi-minimal:

PDN Node Feature Enhancements

Configure Unique ID via Static Configuration

It is now possible to configure a PDN Node ID using the system.yaml file. This enables the Node ID to be different from the Node Self HTTP address.


The initContainerImage has been updated to ubi9/ubi-minimal:

Download Response Headers

New response headers have been added, including checksum headers, and headers based on the name, node ID, and node group ID. For more information, see Response Headers.Response Headers