PDN 1.6.2

JFrog Release Information


Released: March 12, 2023


New PDN Auto Redirect for Artifactory (Enterprise+ and Edge subscriptions only)

To enable Artifactory to seamlessly redirect artifact download requests to a PDN Node, JFrog developed a new PDN Auto Redirect feature, which enables PDN to function as a binary provider extension to Artifactory. This capability allows Artifactory to redirect any download request to PDN, which makes it possible to shift all of the heavy load from Artifactory to PDN, and utilize PDN exactly for the tasks it does well - serving files of any size and scale efficiently.

The following package types have been certified with PDN in Redirect mode: Yum, Docker, Maven, npm, rpm, and Debian.


To learn more, see Configure PDN Auto Redirect PDN Auto Redirect.Configure PDN Auto Redirect

Improvements and Optimizations

Updated PDN to a Checksum-based Storage

Prior to release 1.6.2, downloads in PDN were based on repository paths, so that the same file content could be found under different file names. By updating the storage to a checksum-based storage, it is possible to reduce the number of downloads inside the PDN network and avoid duplications of the same files content in the files cache, since files from different paths but with the same content have the same checksum, which is used as the key for the files cache.

Using Redirect Download with Private Distribution Network (PDN) Nodes Enterprise+ and Edge subscriptions only

From Artifactory release 7.55, the checkbox option Enable CDN Download has been replaced by Enable Redirect Download, and now enables directing download requests to this repository to download the artifact directly from a Direct Cloud Storage Download or PDN Node.Direct Cloud Storage DownloadPrivate Distribution Network

Updates to PDN Configurations and APIs

Updated the PDN REST APIs, which include changes to the clear cache API as well as a new API that clears all unavailable PDN Nodes from the PDN Server. Also updated the PDN Metrics for both PDN Server and PDN Node.PDN Metrics

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Implemented improvements to the Helm charts, including creating a Nginx pod in front of the PDN Server to be used by nodes outside of the cluster and additional bug fixes.


Implemented improvements to the disk cache.


Updated the code when exceeding the maximumConcurrentClients to a more specific status code (503 instead of 429).