PDN 1.0.1

JFrog Release Information


Released: May 15, 2022

This is the initial release of the Private Distribution Network (PDN), JFrog's lightweight, storage-savvy distribution solution that enables you to meet your growing distribution needs and to serve more consumers, while still being in control over what can be consumed and by whom.

With PDN, nodes are organized into PDN Groups, providing resilience and easy management at scale, with automated mirroring and warm-up caching between nodes. PDN enables you to define your own topology and to deploy PDN Nodes on a multi-layer cascading network that serves as a content cache and network optimization.

PDNs provide the same capabilities of Peer-to-Peer Downloads, with additional functionalities that supersede the Peer-to-Peer Downloads solution. To learn more, see Private Distribution Network.Private Distribution Network

The following are the versions of the JFrog Platform products that support PDN:

  • JFrog Artifactory - 7.38.8

  • JFrog Distribution - 2.12.3


Required Action: After you perform the upgrade to this version, run the 'Recalculate Index' on your RubyGems local or federated repositories. For more information, see RubyGems.org Dependency Api Deprecation.


To distribute a Release Bundle to PDN, the PDN Nodes must be under a PDN Group.