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The following sections provide detailed information on how to create and manage JFrog Projects.

Project Overview

JFrog Projects are a management entity that allow you to manage all the projects resources, including associated builds, repositories, pipelines, tasks and users in a one-stop shop.

Project Benefits

JFrog Projects help administrators manage software development projects at scale for enterprise organizations and distributed teams, providing enhanced resource management capabilities.

Projects Concepts and Terminology

As part of JFrog Projects, you will encounter new terminology and concepts that apply to projects and are important to understand before planning and working with project.

Project Roles and Members Concepts

The JFrog Platform supports a role-based access control (RBAC) mechanism to manage user access rights to a Project and its allocated resources. Platform and Project Admins create and manage projects and assign resources and user roles with specific permissions to the projects.

Create a Project

Project Tasks - Using UI or APIs

Create a new Project through a set of tasks using the user interface.

You can also use APIs to create projects. We provide a summary task table that compares step-by-step how to create projects using the user interface or APIs.

Assign Repositories to Projects

Assign, share and manage repositories and resources using your JFrog Project. A repository is a type of storage allocation where you can keep all your project's files and resources. For more information about repositories, see Repository Management.Repository Management

Create Project Roles

Assign and manage project roles and members. Simplify onboarding for new members for your projects using role-based access and permissions.

Assign Environments

Use environments to aggregate Project resources like repositories and pipeline sources to simplify their management. Creating development and production environments gives you greater control over resources and allows for more effective monitoring, rapid deployment and updates, and continuous improvement. For more information about environments, see Environments.

User Management Tasks - Using UI or APIs

Manage user roles and member permissions for your JFrog Project. View a summary task table that compares step-by-step how to create and manage roles using the user interface or APIs

Add Build Integrations to a Project

Administrators can integrate builds into JFrog Projects. The Artifactory Build Integration is supported for projects. For more information about builds and build integration, see Build Integration i.Build Integration

Add Pipeline Integrations to a Project

Add and manage pipelines from your JFrog Project. JFrog Pipelines offers JFrog Platform customers three vital capabilities: end-to-end automation (CI/CD), workflow and tool orchestration, and the optimization of the JFrog toolset functionality in use. For more information about pipelines, see Pipelines.Pipelines