Introduction to the Dashboard

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation


The Dashboard provides the following main views.

  • Topology View:Provides the status of your JPDs and services on a map together with status updates on Replication and Access Federation. Requires an Enterprise license or above.

  • Trends View: Provides in-depth health and performance information about your JPDs by tracking metrics around Storage, Security, Distribution and Replication. Requires JFrog Insight with an Enterprise+ license or standalone JFrog Mission Control with Enterprise+ license. You cannot view trends if you use the Mission Control microservice without using JFrog Insight.

    Mission Control is Moving to Artifactory as a Service

    From JFrog Artifactory version 7.27.3, Mission Control has been integrated directly into Artifactory as a service. You no longer need to install Mission Control to use the features it provides. You must enable the service in Artifactory through the Artifactory system YAML file. The metrics capabilities that were provided Mission Control is now available through JFrog Insight. To learn more about how to install Insight, see Installing Insight .Installing Insight

    To learn more about how Mission Control has been integrated into Artifactory and to migrate to Mission Control microservice, see Migrating Platform Deployments and License Buckets.Migrating Platform Deployments and License Buckets

    You must install JFrog Insights to use trends and charts after you migrate to Mission Control microservice. For more information, see Migrating from Mission Control to Insight.Migrating from Mission Control to Insight

    You can still install Mission Control with Artifactory version 7.27.3 and later, until the end-of-life of Mission Control as a standalone product. Mission Control will continue to receive critical fixes and security updates.