JFrog Pipelines Service

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation


The Pipelines service contains the following microservices:

  1. API - Responsible for hosting the API endpoints.

  2. Cron - Responsible for running internal jobs on intervals, including timing out steps and calculating statistics.

  3. HookHandler - Processes resource webhooks received by API.

  4. Logup - Transfers console logs from steps from the database to Artifactory as steps complete.

  5. Marshaller - Responsible for starting build nodes in dynamic node pools.

  6. Nexec - Responsible for running scripts on auto-initialized build nodes.

  7. PipelineSync - Reads the YML files in the pipeline source and updates the pipelines and resources with any changes.

  8. RunTrigger - Responsible for creating runs when a run is triggered manually or through a resource update.

  9. StepTrigger - Determines which waiting steps are able to run and queues them to be picked up by the build nodes.

  10. WWW - Hosts Pipelines UI pages that are supplemental to the JFrog Platform, including Pipeline History and Run Logs.

  11. Router - Responsible for communication between all the microservices and cross-product.

  12. extensionSync - Responsible for onboarding Pipelines extensions on to the JFrog Platform.

  13. templateSync - Responsible for onboarding Pipelines templates on to the JFrog Platform

  14. reqSealer - Responsible for finalizing the status of a run/step.

  15. Frontend - Serves static Pipelines micro frontend pages.