Installing the Platform

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

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Installation & Setup

The following sections provide detailed information on how to install the JFrog Platform.

Install the JFrog Platform using Helm Chart

The JFrog Platform installation using Helm Chart enables you to install the JFrog Platform–with all products–in one installation package. Use this installer not only for Artifactory alone, but for all other JFrog products. With this installer, you can install Artifactory and add additional JFrog products whenever you choose.

JFrog strongly recommends using Helm Charts to install JFrog products.

Install the JFrog Platform Using Ansible

JFrog’s Ansible Collection includes several Ansible roles for JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Xray, JFrog Distribution, JFrog Insight, and PostgreSQL (optional) that allow you to install the latest JFrog Platform in many different configurations - from simple single server installations to redundant and highly available setups - this collection provides the flexibility for any architecture.

Install the JFrog Platform using the K3s installer

The JFrog Platform K3s installer is supported only for the evaluation of the Platform. The installer sets up the lightweight Kubernetes (K3s) environment into which the entire Platform is deployed. This enables you to install the entire JFrog Platform on a single node with a single package. Since the installer seamlessly sets up the entire JFrog Platform and installs all the products, you cannot choose specific products.