Binary Provider

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A binary provider is a storage element that is based on checksum-based storage system. You can use one or more binary providers to build your storage setup.

The binarystore.xml file can include a chain with a set of binary providers. You can embed binary providers into one another to form chains that represent a coherent filestore.

Take care when you modify binarystore.xml

Making changes to this file may result in losing binaries stored in Artifactory!

If you are not sure of what you are doing, contact JFrog Support for assistance.

Artifactory includes the following default binarystore.xml configuration.

<config version="v1">
        <chain template="file-system"/>
  • <config> The wrapper element containing a chain element. The binarystore.xml must start and end with this element.

  • <chain template> The structure of the filestore. To use one of the built-in filestores, the chain element needs to include the corresponding template attribute.


The <config> tag is a marker element for versioning configurations. It does not affect Artifactory's settings.