February 2024

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CocoaPods CDN Now Supported for Local Repositories

CocoaPods CDN expedites the workflow by creating a static copy of the CocoaPods Specs repository, reducing the time required for adding repositories. For more information, see Use CocoaPods CDN.

Auto Healing of Federated repositories enabled by default

The auto-healing mechanism introduced in version 7.71.1 is now permanently enabled for all customers who work with Federated repositories. This mechanism checks Federated repositories at regular intervals for exhausted queues (queues that have exceeded the maximum number of attempts to send events to other Federation members), resets the failed events automatically, and tries again to sync with the target mirror. For more information, see Federation Recovery and Auto-Healing.Federation Recovery and Auto-Healing

New menu options for creating Release Bundle v2 versions

The Actions menu in the Release Lifecycle Management kanban board now includes options for creating a new version of the selected Release Bundle v2 from builds or other Release Bundles. For more information, see Create a New Version of an Existing Release Bundle.Use the Release Bundle v2 Promotions Kanban BoardCreate a New Version of an Existing Release Bundle

Oracle RAC support for Federated repositories

Customers who use Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) must configure the following Artifactory system property to support Federated repositories:


Setting this property to true enables a converter that fixes the Oracle node events sequence definition for RAC instances.


For additional prerequisites, see Setup Prerequisites for Federated Repositories.Setup Prerequisites for Federated Repositories

Display List Manifest Content on the Artifacts Page

Artifactory now displays the manifests under a list.manifest file directly in the Artifacts page in the JFrog Platform WebUI. For more information, see List Manifest Content.List Manifest Content